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We provide legal advice and defend publishers who have a creative approach: new editing formats, new digital supports, enhancement of the value of investments with by-products, etc.
We are particularly involved in the areas of illustrated magazines, children’s publishing and collectibles.
Moreover, we have become specialized in prestigious books, having worked with both the luxury fashion industry and the publishing industry. These two industries enhance the value of intangible assets by making such books.
We have acquired comprehensive experience in the sector of digital books. These range from the drafting of contracts for authors to prepare for digital publication, to the implementation of a distribution platform for digital books. Our legal expertise with new technologies is well-known among publishers and we keep a close watch on any new opportunities related to the use and monetization of digital works.
Finally, we provide legal advice to clients in the retailing and distribution industries, regarding specific recommended retail pricing issues for books.


  • Pierre DEPREZ
  • Vincent FAUCHOUX
  • Jean-Christophe ANDRE
  • Philippe BONNET
  • Laurent CARRIE
  • Frédéric DUMONT
  • Olivier GUIDOUX