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The Press

Our firm regularly advises the major French and European press groups, magazine publishers and national daily newspapers alike, and has been doing so for over 20 years.
We have developed significant experience in the setting up of digital strategies of press groups, which includes issues such as the acquisition of “pure players” emerging form the Internet, the negotiation of agreements with journalists about the digital use of their work (“Hadopi” agreements) etc.
We are involved in the regular “field days” with media groups regarding Competition Law, which has allowed us to acquire in-depth knowledge of the various, segmented labor markets of the Press (including the advertizing market) in order to obtain optimum restructuring (mergers, sale of shares etc.).
We are particularly involved in defending the intangible assets of our clients’ press titles (trademarks, titles, contents etc.) from possible legal challenges from third parties.
Thanks to our expertise in procedural rules in Media Law, as well as our in-depth knowledge of case-law in that sector, we also work with media content editors (written press, television, Internet) to provide them with legal advice, so as to minimize any risk of infringement or misconduct, and with legal defense when their responsibility is questioned about the content they may have broadcast or printed (offence under the 29 July 1881 Act for the Freedom of the Press: defamation, insult etc.; civil wrongdoing: invasion of privacy, image rights, presumption of innocence, disparagement etc.).
We defend companies and individuals against harm to their reputation from contents published and broadcasted in the press, including on the Internet (e-reputation), by developing a wide range of legal tools to quash any harm they are subject to.


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