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Internet / e-Commerce

Our firm has played a pioneering role, since 1996, as regards the development of Internet Law in France.

We were the instigators of many court rulings which are now common references in French Internet Law. We benefit from extensive and specific experience in international e-commerce project structuring. That is why we provide advice to our French and International clients on all legal aspects regarding professional/consumer operations, (“B to C”) or operations between professionals (“ B to B”), an even regarding compliance with e-commerce platforms and French Consumer Law.

1 Professional/ consumers operations “B to C”:

We assist our clients with:

  • Drafting the general conditions of sale of their national or international websites, regardless of the nature of their products and services
  • Full legal authentication of such websites, of their content, webspaces (notably terms of payment), prior to the launch of such websites
  • The implementation of specific sales conditions (auctions, group-wide purchasing ect.)
  • The management of constraints specific to different national legislations, in major international projects (i.e. which law is applicable in the case of a commercial website hosted in Japan and targeting French, Japanese or American consumers?)

We advise regularly our clients on rules protecting consumers, notably regarding distance contracts obligations, as well as regarding the protection of personal data (administrative and regulatory requirements from the CNIL (French National Commission for Data Protection and Liberties) to comply with, information required to be included, etc.)

2. Operations between professionals “B to B”:

We assist our clients with the setting up of their “B to B” internet projects, notably with:

  • The setting up of international networks of online distributors, whether in a selective framework or not, or of commercial agents or virtual brokers’ networks (i.e. setting up of e-market portals)
  • Consistent structuring of traditional distribution networks, exclusive and/or selective, and of online distribution networks (i.e. how to conciliate online sales with granted territorial exclusivity, as well as regarding the selective nature of the sale of certain products (perfumes, pharmaceutical products, luxury goods, etc.)
  • The setting up of supply platforms (“e-procurement”) gathering various operators within a single market (of different national legal systems) with examination of the constraints of competition law (anti-competitive agreement, abuse of a dominant position, abuse of economic dependence):
  • The negotiation of commercial partnership agreements

The setting up of contracts with paying agencies or online financing



  • Pierre DEPREZ
  • Vincent FAUCHOUX
  • Ana Paula REIS LOPES
  • Jean-Christophe ANDRE
  • Philippe BONNET
  • Jean-Michel BRUGUIERE
  • Laurent CARRIE
  • Frédéric DUMONT
  • Olivier GUIDOUX
  • Grégoire GUIGNOT

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