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Information Technologies

We assist both the service providers and their clients with the negotiation and drafting of a variety of contracts, notably:

  • Design/creation of Internet or Intranet websites
  • Maintenance and/or editorial contracts for websites
  • All aspects of ICT hosting contracts (dedicated hosting, shared hosting, etc.)
  • Contracts of transfer of exploitation rights on a variety of different content platforms (the Press, pictures, etc),adding items about specific media (connected television, tablets, etc.)
  • General Terms and Conditions of Use of commercial or editorial websites
  • General Terms and Conditions of Sale or Services
  • Authorized online distribution, agency or virtual broker contracts
  • Online gaming regulations
  • R&D or technological partnership agreements

This is a non-exhaustive list, as contractual systems take countless forms and are invariably innovative and complex.

We also negotiate and draft specialized contracts in Information Technologies and Telecommunications. A few examples include:

  • Software and software package licenses for use or distribution
  • ASP Mode license agreements
  • Software / software package development agreements
  • OEM contracts formalizing the integration of several software components
  • Cloud Computing contracts
  • Outsourcing or “facility management” contracts
  • Computer network, Intranet or extranet development contracts
  • Computer system turnkey delivery contracts

We may have to provide legal advice to our clients concerning the outsourcing of their operating system as part of Cloud Computing solutions (SaaS, PiaS, IaaS), including the annexed calls for tender, audits, and service level agreements.

We also carry out legal audits for our clients, allowing them to:

  • Assess pre-existing contracts and the intellectual property rights owned
  • Provide recommendations based on the matters raised in the aforementioned assessment
  • Subsequently implement the recommended courses of action to improve such contracts, and ensure their effective implementation.

This is to be done in the regular course of a company’s activity, when the company wishes to assess their current situation, or in the context of a restructuring operation (sale, merger, etc.).

Moreover, we regularly assist our clients with their legal management (primarily contractual) of their major technological projects.

We therefore benefit from the proper expertise to design, negotiate and elaborate “contractual complexes”, in both national and international contexts, ensuring the protection of our clients’ technological assets.

Such activity also involves potential litigation, when such industrial projects, so-called “technological projects”, are brought before judges or arbitrates. In such occurrences, we defend our industrial clients or beneficiaries before such courts, in accordance with our primary mission.



Bringing a legal action to obtain the payment of a FRAND royalty does not constitute, by itself, an abuse of a dominant position, but the proof of the essentiality of the patents remains a prerequisite


  • Pierre DEPREZ
  • Vincent FAUCHOUX
  • Ana Paula REIS LOPES
  • Jean-Michel BRUGUIERE
  • Laurent CARRIE
  • Frédéric DUMONT
  • Grégoire GUIGNOT

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