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Design, a creative industry within what’s known as the intangible economy, is not merely a matter of style: it has become a key element in corporate strategy (cf. DGCIS report on the economy and design in France), particularly in legal strategy.
We provide companies from the design sector (editors, designers, distributors) with our expertise in intangible technology (patents, know-how, designs, software) and in intangible conceptions (PLA, trademarks) and assist them in the conquest of new markets.
In concrete terms, this means that we assist companies in the design industry with their creations (trademarks and design registration), and with the protection of their works, in order to protect them against counterfeiting and parasitic activities.
Our clients also benefit from our experience gained while working with major French luxury brands and this allows us to assist them in high-growth markets (Asia, Brazil, the Middle East etc.). This is done by setting up the contractual framework necessary for the distribution of their creations, as well as the recognition of their rights, with the help of our foreign correspondents.
  • Vincent FAUCHOUX
  • Laurent CARRIE
  • Frédéric DUMONT