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We work in the advertizing / promotion business sectors, notably about:
  • Protection of advertizing productions
  • Unfair trade practices
  • Comparative advertizing
  • Advertiser / agency contracts and selling advertizing spaces
  • Contractual, social and financial aspects of image purchase contracts (fashion models, professional athletes, etc.) and artists, commercials, celebrity contracts.

The complexity of online advertizing, due in part to the growing number of intermediaries, tends to turn the system of this sector closer to that of stock markets.

We have acquired a solid experience in such areas providing legal advice to major online advertisers.

That is why we have to advise our clients on purchasing guidelines relating to online advertizing spaces on market places called “AdExchanges”. As such, we are at times required to establish contractual agreements taking into account technology platforms known as “Demand Side Platform” (DSP) or “Trading Desks” or even “Supply Side Platform” (SSP).

Furthermore, we validate advertizing contents that are accessible on Internet and social networks. Such validation is based on the general rules of Advertisement Law (e.g. deceptive advertizing, respect of the French language, etc.) and/or the specific rules relating to certain types of products or services (pharmaceutical products, tobacco, alcohol etc.). We therefore advise our clients, who wish to do business on the Internet, on how to carry out their activities within these regulated sectors.

We also run checks as to whether any advertisement is likely to harm any third party (e.g. use a pre-existing advertizing slogan or design) notably in accordance with the copyright, trademark and unfair trade practice regulations (e.g. advertizing message liable to belittle competitors).

The promotional campaigns introduced by our clients are also checked according to the Consumer Code (e.g. regulation of lotteries, games and competitions, sales with bonuses, etc.) and the law n°93-122 dated 29 January 1993 called “Loi Sapin”.



  • Pierre DEPREZ
  • Vincent FAUCHOUX
  • Jean-Christophe ANDRE
  • Philippe BONNET
  • Jean-Michel BRUGUIERE
  • Laurent CARRIE
  • Frédéric DUMONT
  • Olivier GUIDOUX