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Our Values, our Commitments

Deprez Guignot Associés - 2014

Pont des Arts - 1992

Deprez Guignot associés DDG



Our understanding of the law is decidedly innovative.

Our practice is focused on the innovation and on the future. We encourage you to take managed risks with a view to enhancing the value of your assets.

We are creative and combative / persistent / definite.

We offer our energy, determination, willingness, interest, pleasure, competence, all of which we use to get the best results. We respect our opponents, and we value professional ethics and conduct.

We are attentive to our clients.

We are listening to our client’s needs and work together with them.

We bring added value.

Our fees are fair and predictable, our work is delivered within the agreed deadlines.

Our law firm's staff works hand in hand, united, and have a human dimension.

DDG is more than just the sum of our lawyers’ skills, we combine our talents to produce outstanding results.