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Our history

Deprez Guignot & associés - 2014

Passerelle Debilly - 2008

Deprez Guignot & associés - 2007

Passerelle Simone de Beauvoir - 2006

Pont de Bir Hakeim - 2004

Passerelle de Solferino - 2001

Pont Alexandre III - 2000

Pont de l'Alma - 1995

Pont des Arts - 1992


DEPREZ GUIGNOT ASSOCIES-DDG is a French law firm admitted to the Paris Bar in 1987, with around forty lawyers and legal experts, of whom ten are partners.

We are ranked among the top French independent law firms in France.

Our offices are located at 21 rue Clément Marot in the 8th arrondissement of Paris.

Our defining principle is to provide our clients with the legal skills, imagination and security necessary to guarantee the success of their businesses and the protection of their interests.

Ever since its creation, our firm has aimed to support its clients’ development, constantly adapting to the development of economic operations.

This has led us to:

  • Develop our internal growth in order to be able to provide our clients with a wide range of skills, all the while maintaining our human dimension, keeping us in close touch with our clients; keeping us in close touch with our clients;
  • Take part, as early as 1997, in the development of new technologies and the Internet by creating our own highly efficient internet and intranet websites;
  • Develop worldwide reach, on the one hand by developing specific expertise in European Law, and building a team of lawyers with international experience, and on the other by building a network of correspondents that includes the main hubs of economic development.

Our firm operates exclusively in business law and corporate governance, providing both advice and litigation assistance.

Our main areas of expertise are broken up to five departments and a service platform, all of which are under the supervision of one or more partners:

  • The IP-IT / MEDIA Department
  • The Economic Law Department
  • The Business and commercial Litigation Department
  • The Corporate Law / M&A Department
  • The Social Law Department
  • The HubMarques service platform dedicated to the management or our clients’ portfolios, trademarks and designs etc.