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Media and Communication (Internet, TV, Press etc.)

We have established a reputation in Media and Communication Law. Our firm is ranked among the top firms in this sector, with over 20 years of experience.
We assist our clients with disputes involving the enforcement of the Press Act of 1881, as well as through our monitoring of broadcasting and advertizing regulations.
We have gained extensive expertise in the field of print, broadcasting and online media, as well as in the advertizing industry.
We have developed a large practice in international communication contracts (trademark and/or editorial content licenses, joint-venture agreements, agency agreements etc.) as well as dealing with potential conflicts (disengagement procedures, renegotiation of contracts etc.).
We have mastered the various legal aspects of both “traditional” and electronic publishing activities.
Many publishing companies have placed their trust in us. Finally, we often deal with issues relating to the events and entertainment industry, having provided legal advice to trade fair and event organizers for many years.

The offer of short videos on a newspaper’s website may fall under audiovisual media services legislation

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