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Industrial Property (Trademarks, designs, and patents)

We bring together specialists and their expertise in industrial property and we align the protection of rights with their use.

We assist our clients with the steps involved in the protection of their trademarks and/or designs.

Upstream, we proceed to a legal analysis (distinctiveness, validity, scope, protectability, novelty) and to an antecedent search (checking availability, similarity etc.). 

This analysis comes with recommendations and suggestions to support ongoing projects (release strategy, buy-out, survey, coexistence agreement, forfeiture action etc.).

Downstream, we proceed with the filling of trademarks (on a national, European and international scale) and monitor them (competition watch) by country, geographical regions, globally (alert issued following official publications of filling of trademarks, either identical or similar, or targeting identical or similar products in order to lodge timely opposition, claims or to come to a settlement).

Highly responsive and always ready to hear our clients’ concerns, we manage their rights on their behalf:

  • Administrative and procedural deadlines
  • Reviewing and issuance of titles in France and abroad

And we represent our clients’ interests in administrative proceedings (oppositions in France, the EU, and abroad via our worldwide network) and in judicial litigations.

We rely on the international network of lawyers which we have developed and who are present all throughout the world, most notably in the United States, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, India and China.

As such, our clients can benefit from our handpicked local experts in industrial property, in developed countries and emerging countries alike.


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