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Employment and Labor Law – Negotiation and mediation

We defend our clients before all courts and official bodies:

  • Before the Labor Court in the event of disputes relating to the objection of the legitimacy of dismissal, of the due process of the use of fixed-term contracts, of harassment, discrimination, overtime reminder
  • Before the criminal courts in case of proceedings from the public prosecutor following decisions written by work inspectorates or direct quotations from unions or workers’ committees
  • Before the Court of First Instance in disputes arising between our clients and workers’ committees in the event of irregularities involved in consultation, of opposition to the appointment of experts, or with the unions in the event of disputes relating to the application of collective work agreements
  • Before the Trial Court in the event of objection to the appointment of union delegates, of the RSS or in case of disputes relating to professional elections
  • Before the administrative courts or administrations in the event of objection to dismissal procedures of protected employees

We are required to defend our clients both before French courts all over the country and before the Luxembourg and Principality of Monaco courts.

We deal with a large number of cases of litigation every year, and when clients entrust us with all or most of their cases, it enables us to provide them with tailor-made service.

We assist our clients with the resolution of their disputes:

  • By negotiating and completing transactions in order to avoid such disputes to wind up in court. Thus we systematically assess reasonably foreseeable risks in the event of legal proceedings. This in turn allows us to advise our clients on a possible negotiation or transaction.
  • By regularly communicating with administrations (work inspectorate, DIRECCTE, URSSAF) in our clients’ name
  • By acting as a mediator between both parties in order to solve a dispute (i.e. a sensitive negotiation for the exit of an executive with absolute discretion)


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