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Company Law/ Mergers and Acquisitions

We assist our clients with all their operations in Company Law, ranging from the setting up of their companies and/or their groups, to any external growth operations, handovers or transmission operations.

We provide our clients (companies, executives, shareholders etc.) with support with regards to their daily issues, in terms of legal matters relating to Company law, Commercial Law, always seeking best possible practices, legally, financially and socially speaking, within a safe environment.

We also handle recurring transactions, such as external growth transactions or fundraising, for French and foreign clients (Mergers & Acquisitions, Funding, Issuing Securities etc.).

Our skills in the risk management allows us to assist our clients with business and commercial litigation issues (Liability Guaranty Litigation, abuse of Minority/Majority shareholder Powers Litigation, Shareholder Agreements, relationships between shareholders, Conflict Resolution, Arbitration etc.).

We value our relationship with our clients in the long term, which allows us to know their business and related issues very well, making it easier for us to act upstream regarding their acquisition transactions, restructuring operations, etc. We are able to provide them with sound and creative legal solutions.