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Commercial Litigation

We assist our clients with their commercial cases, notably with:

  • Distribution/ competition disputes: termination of commercial relations, underhand and anti-competitive behavior, free-riding competition
  • Consumer litigation (deliberate deception, unfair trade practice, comparative advertising) before criminal and commercial courts
  • Assistance with control procedures of the DGCCRF (inspections, investigations, criminal litigation)
  • European Union issues (proceedings for failure to fulfil an obligation and interlocutory questions before the Court of Justice of the European Union, lobbying institutions).

We assist specialized companies particularly with dealing with all administrative bodies (DGCCRF, customs department, competition authority) in the event that their business activities are questioned about regulatory or competition issues (abuse of a dominant position, anti-competitive agreements).

We remain in touch with the authorities to defend the quality, ingredients or labeling of their products.

Our regulatory watch system allows us to manage specialized disputes of any kind (“Evin” Act rules on alcohol and tobacco, “Lang” Act, travel agents, nutritional and health claims, food supplements, etc).

We regularly appear before the relevant courts in the event of domestic and EU disputes, defending your business, publicity and products, if challenged by your competitors on the basis of unfair or free-riding competition.

With our in-depth experience of such specialized cases, assisting your executives if brought before the criminal courts on charges of non-compliance with the specific regulations applying to your activities. Our expertise in official supervision and criminal proceedings allow us to contain the judicial risk effectively.

  • Pierre DEPREZ
  • Vincent FAUCHOUX
  • Jean-Christophe ANDRE
  • Olivier GUIDOUX