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The ECONOMIC LAW department is fully dedicated to supporting our clients economically and commercially.
Setting up business practices, and organizing them in the form of networks, must be thought out carefully and requires constant attention.
That is why our department supports its clients with the choice of the most appropriate structure for each business (franchise networks, exclusive / selective distribution and commercial agents) including in the context of their commercial negotiations, product launches, redeployment of their e-commerce activities and advertizing / sales promotion.
We assist daily our supplier and distributor clients with their commercial and strategic decisions pertaining to the marketing of its products and services or their economic development, taking into account their competitive environments and constraints resulting from their business sector.
We help our clients make their decisions both secure, in terms of the regulatory requirements, and competitive, in their business environment.
With our culture deeply seated in results, we actively defend our clients before all courts and official bodies in the event of specialized disputes affecting the conduct of their businesses or the marketing of their products.


  • Pierre DEPREZ
  • Jean-Christophe ANDRE
  • Philippe BONNET
  • Olivier GUIDOUX