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HubMarques Service

Welcome to Hubmarques, a department dedicated to the management and protection of your intellectual property rights (marks, designs and domain names).



Ever since its creation in 1987, DDG has been determined to offer its clients a full industrial property service.

As such, it has developed a specialist trademark and law department coordinating the protection and defense of distinctive signs and designs throughout the world. This department combines expertise in industrial property among other fields, such as new technologies, distribution, competition, luxury goods, communication and product regulation (cosmetics, foodstuffs and medicine).

Thus HubMarques establishes a close link between industrial property protection and its use.

HubMarques has also developed an international network of correspondents throughout the world, with a stronger presence in certain countries such as the United States, India and China, so our clients have access to the top local industrial property experts, handpicked by us.

HubMarques ensures the protection of all your trademarks and designs note and the defense of any industrial property rights and their subsequent use.

How do we protect trademarks?

  • Legal analysis of trademarks: distinctiveness, validity, scope of the protection
  • Prior art searches : availability check
  • Identical search within 24 to 48 hours: early detection of prior claims
  • Similarity search (similar trademarks, databases, internet, slogans)
  • Wide-ranging analysis of recommendations and proposals memo that can help support ongoing projects (release strategies, buy-outs, surveys, co-existence agreements, action for revocation etc.)
  • Trademark registration: national, Europe-wide, international.
  • Optimized wording for products and services, according to the expected means of exploitation
  • Registration within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Trademark monitoring:
  • Alerts issued following the official publications of the registration of trademarks, whether identical or similar, or that specify identical or similar products, in order to lodge opposition or claims or to come to a settlement
  • Monitoring by country, geographical area, globally or by depositor (competitive intelligence)

How do we protect designs?

  • Legal analysis of designs: New and Individual character
  • Prior Art searches: availability check
  • Determining search classes and sub-classes
  • Researching designs over a period of 10, 15, 25 or 50 years
  • Design registration: national, Europe-wide, international