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Labour & Employment Law

We assist our clients with Human Resources issues (important restructuring projects – redundancies with job-rescue plans, voluntary redundancy schemes or issues with transfer of staff -, collective agreements – statutory annual negotiation, working hours -, organization relating to working hours, cases of sexual or moral harassment or even discrimination, company, high-profile and complex litigation, the status of company executive officers (employment/service contract, unemployment insurance, deferred compensation arrangements) recruitment of employees in France (for foreign companies), union representatives or elected staff representatives or even strikes, dismissal procedures, contract termination, retirement, trial period termination, work permits for foreign citizens, non-compete clauses, intellectual property, geographical mobility etc.), non-standard types of work: fixed-term contracts, temporary work, umbrella companies, freelance workers, employer bodies, etc.).
We also provide our clients with legal advice regarding their daily needs (assessing legal risk), or under special circumstances(restructuring with collective redundancy plan, mergers, acquisitions or sales, transfer operations centering on an autonomous economic entity, personnel transfer as part of a take-over bid for a company in receivership, social audits etc.).
We defend our clients before the Labor Court (redundancy disputes, due process of fixed-term contracts, harassment, discrimination etc.), before criminal courts (proceedings from the public prosecutor following decisions written by work inspectorates or others), before the Court of First Instance (in disputes arising between our clients and workers’ committees), before the Trial Court (objection to the appointment of union delegate or in case of disputes relating to professional elections), and before the administrative courts (objection to dismissal procedures of protected employees).
We work directly with Human Resources Departments, (both operational and executive), Legal Departments, General Management and Administration and Finance Divisions, the Managing Directors or Human Resources Directors from British, American or German companies with subsidiaries and branch offices in France. We also work with foreign lawyers based in London, Madrid, Milan and New York.



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  • Laurent CARRIE

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