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Distribution / Consumption

We assist our clients with:

  • Distribution networks (franchising, exclusive / selective distribution and commercial agents).
  • Assistance with commercial negotiations and supplier – distributor relations (single contracts, price negotiations, listing and invoicing)
  • Drafting and negotiating contracts and putting general sale / purchase conditions in place.

We assist companies with strategic choices in setting up their commercial organization and distribution network, taking into account the specific regulatory requirements applying to the marketing of their products and services.

We provide them with comprehensive assistance from the product concept (ingredients and claims) to market launch (labeling, advertising via all media (notably comparative advertising) and distribution contracts).

Our expertise in supplier – distributor relations allows us to provide effective assistance with annual commercial negotiations (single contracts and the Economy Modernization Act). Moreover, we can provide companies with useful advice on pricing and commercialpolicy.

We can set up general sale / purchase conditions and commercial contracts with our clients’ partners, guaranteeing maximum legal certainty throughout their business.

We can support our clients with pre-contractual negotiations and also with the process involved in ending contracts given the applicable legal requirements (terminating commercial relations, commercial agency compensation, etc).

We anticipate legal and regulatory risks at all times, enabling clients to avoid disputes with either the authorities (competition authority, DGCCRF or the customs department) or the clients’ competitors / consumers, and work to make the clients’ restructuring operations and mergers & acquisitions secure in terms of merger control.


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